Exclusive interview with Beijing Water Design Technology, the Manufacturer of The Palm Fountain in Dubai

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(The Palm Fountain Live Show)

With the grand opening of the Palm Fountain in Dubai on October 22, the largest ocean music fountain in the world was born! To learn more about this masterpiece, a visit has been paid to Beijing Water Design Technology, which is the designer and manufacturer of the Palm Fountain.

(At the Guinness World Records Award Ceremony)

According to Su Xin, CEO of Beijing Water Design Technology, the design team of the company contributed to creating a miracle on the gulf of Palm Islands in Dubai after winning the bid for the Palm Fountain. Since it was in the seawater environment, the engineering difficulty of building a musical fountain on such a large scale was unprecedented in the history of fountains, which challenged the team during the construction process. Thankfully, with the deep technical reserves of the team in this field, all these problems had been gradually overcome.

(At the Palm Fountain Ceremony)

Recently, the Palm Fountain has begun its performance officially. A dance troupe composed of more than 800 groups of air gun shooters and 300 groups of digital control water dancers performs a grand “Sea Ballet” show on the gulf of Palm Islands every day. Beijing Water Design Technology is proud of the success of the Palm Fountain, which represents the company’s strength and confidence to go global.

(Members of the Dubai Royal Family at the Ceremony)

(At the Palm Fountain Ceremony)

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