Exclusive First: A review and PREMIER of Hotel Del Salto Moniker’s, “Bigger Than Elvis”


Welsh multi instrumentalist, J Francis is behind the genius that is Hotel Del Salto. Having toured around Wales for several years, picking up odds and sods gigs, Del Salto Moniker recently signed with Decidedly Records, and is now releasing a debut single, “Bigger Than Elvis”.

“Bigger Than Elvis” riddled with avant garde and obscure lyrics. Striking the angsty youth in us all. Francis’s voice wanes into a setting of electric synth sounds and lively guitar riffs, before being confronted by the inclusion of a melancholic bass line. The cheerful rhythm remains throughout the song, each layer of instrumental complimenting Francis’s voice.

Lyrically intricate, “Bigger Than Elvis” is a poetic mix of perplexingly pleasing lyrics that require a series of thought in order to decipher the meaning, a slight maze, only adding to the uniqueness of Hotel Del Salto.

“Languid by the light switch, flickering at your feet.  Hold the phone, don’t you know I’m bigger than Elvis?Jump and jive, the burlington bertie”.

Lyrics - “Bigger Than Elvis”.

Throughout the entire track, each instrument flows seamlessly into one another, with Francis’s voice responding to each note in a harmonious conversation. During the breakdown is where Francis’s voice is most prominent, having previously been thwarted by the several layers of instrumental noise.

Following the breakdown, a heavy rock riff emerges, resolving previously harboured worries of unoriginality. Each section provides a level of unpredictability.

A preceding house beat contrasts the soulfully charged climax, a diffused indie sound.

Overall, “Bigger Than Elvis” is sort of like a sandwich really. Each layer provides a surprise, a seamless conversation between Francis’s melancholy riddled voice and each synth sound, guitar riff and drum beat. Admittedly, a pretty tasty sandwich.

Sounds Like: Richard Hell, Wilco, MacDe Marco.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Hotel Del Salto’s debut album, “Bigger Than Elvis” released through Decidedly Records, on October 14th

A one man band, but certainly not a one trick pony.