Exclusive! Electric Renault Kwid: First Look

Renault kwid electric

We recently took a close look at the all-electric Renault Kwid and, for a small car, its numbers stack up quite well. Showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show, the City K-ZE (as it’s called for China) is the electric version of the Kwid that we know in India. At the moment this is limited to the Chinese market but there is no doubt an electric version of the Kwid in India is something Renault would seriously consider once there is sufficient infrastructure available to support it.

Renault kwid electric

The City K-ZE is obviously different from the standard Kwid as the engine is replaced by an electric motor and batteries. The good news is that it can run upto 240km on a single charge which is impressive for a small car. It can be charged via the standard domestic charging point and takes up to 4-6 hours to fully charge.

The electric Kwid also looks different from the standard Kwid as it has newly designed front and LEDs. Inside, there is more gadgetry as the interiors are now changed to accommodate displays for the electric motor and the range. There is no conventional gearbox as it has been replaced by a knob in the middle.

renault kwid electric rear

An electric Kwid, if made available in India, will carry a price-tag that would be approximately double of what a standard petrol Kwid costs here. So, the big question is, would you pay so heavily for something like this? Let us know in the comments below.