New Excise Policy in Delhi: Five super premium liquor vends to offer best alcohol brands

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New Delhi, Jul 5 (PTI) People of the national capital will soon be able to choose from the best alcohol brands at five super premium liquor retail vends that will also have tasting rooms, according to the Delhi government's new excise policy.

The Excise Policy 2021-22 that was made public on Monday has introduced a new category of retail vend license -- the L-7SP1 also called as the super premium license -- for international quality retail vends that shall offer 'high-end walk-in experiences for consumers', it said.

The participation fee for the interested entity will be Rs 10 lakh, it stated.

The new Excise Policy 2021-22 was approved in June.

The five super premium licenses (L-7SP1) will be tendered separately in one group to one entity to be opened anywhere in the city except the Airport Zone.

The reserve license fee for super premium (L-7SP1) vends shall be two-and-a-half times of the average reserve license fees of a L-7V vends in Delhi, it stated.

The average reserve license fees of a vend in Delhi is the sum total of reserve price of all zones/ the number of vends excluding the five super premium outlets (849 outlets), it said.

'The allotment of these vends will be made through e-tender process with the reserve price as the base license fees. The participation fee of Rs 10 lakh shall be levied for participation in the tender process. The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for participation in the bid shall be Rs 15 crores,' the policy states.

According to the policy, the super premium vends shall have a minimum carpet area of 2,500 square feet and will be allowed to sell products only above an MRP of Rs 200 for beer and above Rs 1,000 retail price for all other spirits, including but not limited to whiskey, gin, vodka, brandy etc.

These vends will need to stock at least 50 imported (B10) liquor brands, including wines (BECRS) among other brands in the store and can dedicate up to 10 per of their space to sell ancillary products such as cigars, liquor chocolates etc, high-end art paintings, high value merchandise such as bottle openers, ice boxes, bar glasses among others, it said.

According to the policy, the super premium vends can setup a tasting room within the premise which will have to be an enclosed area, not visible from rest of the store.

'This room can only hold training and tasting sessions,' the policy says.

The policy permits super premium vends to have shop-in-shop concept for exclusive display of various brands in exclusive shelves, so that the customers can walk-in into the display for their selection of products.

They will be allowed to be open till 11 PM, one hour extra from L-7Z/L-7V licensed vends, the policy says.

The other criterion for those bidding for super premium vends are experience of operating high-quality liquor vends anywhere in India.

'At least one of these vends should be a walk-in experience store with 2,500 square feet or above retail area and operational for at least one year. Any entity or individual bidding for super premium vends should have experience of retailing of over 50 BIO brands,' the policy says.

The joint ventures between entities are also eligible to apply, it says, adding in case of a joint venture, at least one of the partner firms should have the required experience individually of operating high-quality liquor vends anywhere in India.


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