Exams Cancelled Funny Memes And Jokes Take Over Social Media as Maharashtra Government Cancels Final Year University Examination

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Amid the pandemic, great news came in for the Mumbai University students. On May 30, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray along with the Minister for Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant and MU Vice-Chancellor and several officials held a meeting through video conferencing call to find a solution about the university exams during the coronavirus outbreak. The next day, on May 31, CM Thackeray announced that the MU final year exams are cancelled, and students will get aggregate marks based on their performance in the previous semester for that academic year. Besides, it is not only MU students but all the universities across the state that cancelled the final year exams followed by Thackray’s decision. Although this may not be great news for the first benchers, students cheered the decision with funny memes and jokes, which instantly became a social media hit. The Mumbai University students cannot contain their happiness, as they celebrated their final year exam cancellation with hilarious memes and jokes.

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Last month, Mumbai University decided to conduct the exams only for final year students. It was then decided that only Third Year candidates will appear in the exams and the same applied to all the courses in the final semester. Juniors at the time, were quick to mock their seniors with funny memes, as they celebrated their exam cancellation. Now, the reactions are funnier as the TY exams 2020 are cancelled too. Twitter is filled with viral memes and jokes, as universities across Maharashtra decided to not conduct their final year exams because of the pandemic.

Exams Cancelled!

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Poor Students


Someone Please Answer




Other State Students Be Like

Dance Like No One is Watching!


Graduated Without Giving Exams


Meanwhile, the lockdown in Maharashtra has been extended till June 30. The state has the highest number of coronavirus cases in India, with the number reaching to more than 65,000. Above 2,000 people died because of the virus. It is a very difficult situation, and the decision to cancel the state universities’ exams were taken to avoid the health risk among students.