Andhra Pradesh: Ex-speaker’s son accused of stealing 30 laptops

Sreenivas Janyala
Laptops allotted were lying unopened at the Nagarjuna Sagar Project (NSP) guesthouse since June 2017, and in July 2018, the 30 laptops. (Representational)

The Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation has lodged a police complaint against Kodela Sivaram, the elder son of former Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao, for allegedly stealing 30 laptops and a printer from a Rural Skill Development Centre in Sattenpalli, in July 2018.

The complaint was lodged by Sattenapalli Rural Skill Development Officer Baji Babu on Friday the same day that news broke that Kodela Siva Prasad has been being accused of stealing furniture meant for the Speaker s chamber.

I was told by the Skill Development Corporation s MD Dr A Srikanth that laptops provided to the Sattenpalli centre were missing. The local MLA Ambati Rambabu had given a letter seeking an inquiry. I probed the matter from August 16 and found that 30 laptops issued by the previous TDP government to this centre have gone missing, Baji Babu told The Indian Express.

He said that the laptops allotted were lying unopened at the Nagarjuna Sagar Project (NSP) guesthouse since June 2017, and in July 2018, the 30 laptops, printer and solar CPU were perted to SVR College.

However, within 10-15 days, Kodela Sivaram called the college management and asked them to return the laptops to the NSP guesthouse, claiming that it was the order Kodela Siva Prasad Rao who was Speaker then. When the laptops were being returned to NSP guesthouse, Kodela Sivaram perted the delivery to his two-wheeler showroom in Guntur city. There is no trace of those 30 laptops and CPU, so we lodged a police complaint today, Baji Babu said.

Baji Babu s probe revealed that Kodela Sivaram chided Ajit Chowdhary, the then Guntur District Skill Development manager, for sending the unused laptops to SVR College at Guntur. He asked him to bring back the laptops to the NSP guesthouse. When the laptops were being sent back, Kodela Sivaram intimidated Assistant Executive Engineer T Yeshamma to send the laptops to the address he gave her, which she did. She said that Sivaram had said that his father, the Assembly Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad, had given the order, so she complied, Baji Babu said.

A Skill Development Corporation official said, We have no idea where those laptops are. It is possible that they went back to some government office or they are still lying with the Kodela family.

Sattenapalli Town Police Station Inspector Sarath Babu said that an FIR has been lodged against Kodela Sivaram, and an investigation has begun.