Ex-IIT Prof, Wife Rescued After 4 Months of Being Locked in Flat

The matter came to light on Monday when a foul stench was emanating from the Sanjeev Dayal and Vidya’s home.

A former IIT professor and his wife locked themselves in their apartment four-months ago, only to be found unconscious on Tuesday, with excrement littering their home, as Hindustan Times reported.

The two lived a secluded life in their Twin Towers flat in Kanpur’s Sharda Nagar.

The matter came to light on Monday night when a foul stench was emanating from the apartment occupied by Sanjeev Dayal and Vidya.

Neighbours alerted the police who broke the two-room apartment’s door to find the 50-year old professor fully clothed in one room, with his beard reaching his stomach. HIs wife was in the other room, lying naked under a bed, with mounds of excrement creating a foul smell.

Reportedly, they nailed their bathroom door shut with wooden planks.

Dayal and his wife were admitted in a critical state to the LLR hospital.

Hospital SourceTheir heartbeats and pulse rate are irregular. We are doing all we can.

Dr JS Kushwaha, who is overseeing the case, said it looked as though the couple had not eaten in a few days. Kalyanpur police is trying to ascertain if the couple was undergoing any mental stress or depression that led them to their current state.

Police found CCTVs installed in both the rooms and will scan the footage to investigate the circumstances surrounding the case.

Relatives and neighbours were able to provide little information as the two were extremely reclusive. Neighbours would rarely enquire about their well-being for fear of being told off.

While the couple phoned the electrician a few times in the past few months, they never opened the door to let him in.

Sanjeev conducted coaching classes for engineering students after his stint at IIT-Kanpur and Vidya worked as a teacher at the CSA University on a contractual basis. The couple have no children.

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