EVM machines were manipulated, claims BSP supremo Mayawati daring Modi, Shah for re-elections

"EVM machines were manipulated and no matter which button was pushed, the vote went to BJP", said BSP supremo Mayawati after her party's colossal loss.

A visibly moved and frustrated Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati blamed her election setback to large-scale rigging by the BJP and threatening to complain to the Election Commission, she also warned of going to the court and hold agitation until the matter is resolved.

"The EVM machines were manipulated and no matter which button was pushed, the vote went to BJP", Maya alleged.

Maya also dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah for re-elections.

"If they (Modi and Shah) are really honest, they should again come in the field and go for fresh elections. The voters, especially the rural and the illiterate, do not believe in EVMs and fresh elections should be held using ballot papers", she said.

Maya put in question all votes that went in favour of the BJP. "Muslim votes BJP koh jana hazam nahi hua (I cannot digest Muslim votes going in favour of BJP). My votes went to the BJP. It is next to impossible", Maya, who appeared to be furious, said.

BJP has murdered democracy and thus it becomes its moral responsibility to furnish the details (of the votes they got) to the EC, she added.

"If things go like this, democracy will come to an end by 2019", Maya said. While she was speaking, the BSP had managed to fetch nearly 23% of the votes cast in these elections as compared to the 22% (2014 Lok Sabha) and 26% (2012 Vidhan Sabha) previously.Taking a jibe at Mayawati, the BJP termed her allegations to be an act of sheer frustration.

"This was her farewell speech as she has very well understood that no channel will air her from now on. She should rather remain indoors now or else people will laugh at her and make jokes", BJP state general secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak said.

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