Everything to know about retinol: How it works and benefits

Meera Venugopal
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Everything to know about retinol: How it works and benefits
Everything to know about retinol: How it works and benefits

15 Mar 2021: Everything to know about retinol: How it works and benefits

Retinol is a medicinal product that is used across cosmetic and skincare industries for its anti-aging benefits.

This beauty wonder is a vitamin A derivative and is different from prescription retinoids, which are more potent.

Retinols have a number of benefits when it comes to skincare. If you're wondering if you should add retinol to your routine, here's everything you should know about.

Skin elasticity: It penetrates deep into the skin and increases elasticity

Rather than just removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores, retinol penetrates the epidermis and goes into the dermis.

It then neutralizes the free radicals and boosts the production of elastin and collagen, thereby increasing the skin's elasticity.

This helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores, and wrinkles.

Retinol is also a good exfoliator and thus it improves skin texture and tone.

Skin issues: Beauty products based on retinol best suited for acne breakouts

Beauty products based on retinol are best suited for those who have acne breakouts.

Large pores that are caused by acne can also be minimized by regular application of retinol-based products.

If your skin has just begun to show signs of aging like fine lines, using a retinol serum will help arrest them.

But always remember to use a moisturizer along with retinol.

Light sensitive: Retinol is photo-sensitive and should be used at night

Retinol is sensitive to light and should be kept in a well-sealed container and used only at night.

To begin with, use retinol-based products twice a week and gradually increase to every other day.

If your skin feels irritated, skip its application for a few days.

Also, apply a moisturizer after the retinol serum is fully absorbed by the skin.

Age: It is best to begin using retinol during late twenties

If you feel that you are old enough to get wrinkles and fine lines and that you should prevent them, it is probably time that you begin using retinol-based products.

Cellular turnover slows down in the late twenties, and adding it to your routine will help prevent breakout activity.

When used regularly, retinol fades hyper-pigmentation and leaves the skin looking smooth and soft.