Everything Is Awesome At The Lego Themed ‘Brick Burger’ Restaurant

The restaurant serves Lego-shaped burgers named after characters from ‘The Lego Movie’. 

The interior of the world's first Lego Brick Bun restaurant 'Brick Burger' was on display in Manila, Philippines.

At Brick Burger customers are offered the choice of three different burger bun colours in the shape of rectangular Lego bricks. The restaurant interior is itself decked out in Lego-themed furniture, which make up the ceiling lights, chairs and part of the restaurant walls.

Randy Martinez, the restaurant manager claims that the pair "combined their passions - his wife's cooking and his Lego concept and Brick Burger was born."

Restaurant owner Jergs Correa opened the venue in August 2016 which, although not the only Lego-inspired eatery, is the first to serve burgers cased in buns the shape of Lego bricks. The restaurant has no official involvement with Lego, the toy company.

(With inputs from Ruptly)

Video Editor: Sandeep Suman