'Everyone told me it would end my career': Amber Heard opens up about coming out as bisexual

She came out publicly about her bisexuality in 2010 and now, Amber Heard has opened up about how difficult it was. Speaking at The Economist's Pride and Prejudice event at New York, the 'Danish Girl' star claimed that the filmmakers doubted whether she could play a straight woman in a romantic lead, reports The Independent. Heard was quoted saying, "It was not easy. I was the only one working in this way, so it was definitely difficult because no one had done it." The 30-year-old actress added, "I did that even though everyone told me it would end my career, without a doubt." The actress also shared about her "coming out" announcement and why she never hid her sexuality. "When I hear someone comment about me coming out, I think it's funny because I was never in. Then I realised the gravity of what I had done." On a related note, Amber Heard will be next seen in Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' alongside Ben Affleck.