Queen Bee crowned winner of The Masked Singer UK

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Whether you think it's utter genius or utterly bonkers, ITV's The Masked Singer UK has definitely got everyone buzzing on social media. Famous faces, hidden underneath elaborate costumes, showcase their vocals in front of Ken Jeong, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and Rita Ora, who are then tasked with trying to uncover their identities (without much any luck).

Some of the contestants are clearly professional singers and performers, while some definitely aren't (*ahem* Pharaoh). As well as listening to them perform, the celebrity panel and viewers are also given a couple of clues to help them with their guesses.

Here's every clue the mystery masked performers revealed as Queen Bee is crowned winner of the first ever UK series:

Who is Queen Bee? Nicola Roberts

Week 1 clues: Queen Bee said she was a "wild card" and "rule breaker" and was "quite young" when her career began, but now they’ve "grown up". "I’m no longer a princess," she said. "I’m a queen."

Queen Bee also revealed: "Out of all of my friends, I am the joker of the pack."

She was the first to perform with a rendition of Sia's 'Alive', and the judges were convinced she was a professional singer.

Week 2 clues: Queen Bee, who sang 'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi in the second week, revealed she was a "lawmaker" and had a background in activism.

"People might think I’m shy but I’m not afraid to stand up and fight for what I believe in,” she said before adding, “I’ve always done that and it makes me proud to say sometimes I’ve made a real change."

Queen Bee continued: "Am I a law breaker? No, I’m a law maker. I’m a benevolent Queen and bees only sting when they have to. But don’t let that fool you, this bee can sting."

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Truth or lie? I’m under 30/I’m well known in the fashion circles/I’m not known for singing onstage.

Week 4 clues: "I won a contest and my career was launched," she revealed. "I was so young I felt like I was being swept along with the tide and I’d been thrown in at the deep end." Seemingly dropping a huge Little Mix hint, she added: "With tonight’s song I’m going to enjoy every moment – these wings were made to fly."

Week 5 clues: "Having a public image can be difficult. Nowadays, everyone has an opinion and it’s not always complimentary," Queen Bee teased. While speaking in an accent, she shared: "I do silly things to try and change my appearance. Now I’m smarter and wiser, I can laugh it off." Meanwhile, her rider featured cardamom, paprika, cumin, ginger, mustard seed and honey and nutmeg.

Week 6 clues: "A relative once told me that Marie Antoinette was my ancestor," Queen Bee shared. "Maybe that’s why I feel like France is my spiritual home. I would love to spend my days there, perhaps reading or writing."

However, she then admitted she doesn't actually speak the language: "Maybe I should stick to England for now, French is a language I don’t speak."

Photo credit: Brian Ritchie/ITV

What the judges said in week 1: Kylie Minogue, Charli XCX, Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke and Margot Robbie

What the judges said in week 2: Lady Victoria Hervey, a Little Mix member

What the judges said in week 4: Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle, Jade Thirlwall, Shirley Bassey

What the judges said in week 5: Ellie Goulding, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall

What the judges said in week 6: Cardi B, Jesy Nelson, Jodie Comer

Who viewers think it is: Nicola Roberts, Jade Thirlwall, Ella Henderson

Who is Hedgehog? Jason Manford

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: Hedgehog revealed they were slightly posh and that they're "most active at night". The mystery singer said they were most happy on stage and is more introverted than you might expect. They also had a job where they "died at 8.30 every night".

Week 2 clues: "Being out there on my own was a challenge because I do enjoy being part of a team," Hedgehog said. "There can be many times I find myself alone on stage but it’s nice to be part of an ensemble. But either way, all I can aim for is to have fun."

Fans also got a glimpse of a pink can of super hold hairspray, two cat ornaments, a Phantom of the Opera mask and pink rollers.

"Tonight, I want to have a ball out there," they continued. "When I step onto the stage, I’m going to do everything in my power to bring the house down.”

Truth or lie? I sometimes wears high heels onstage/I once worked at a major fast food restaurant/My daughter is more famous than I.

Photo credit: Brian Ritchie/ITV

Week 4 clues: "Over the years I’ve played to a variety of people and I’ve always looked up to people as heroes," Hedgehog shared. A framed photo of Billy Connolly flashed up before they added: "Singing eight times a week can really strengthen your voice. It’s like any muscle."

Week 5 clues: "My nana taught all her children, and there were a lot of them, to play instruments. They created a big hedgehog band."

He continued: "We’d play all the pubs and clubs. With all us folk together, we were like the Hedgehog von Trapps."

Week 6 clues: While holding a map, Hedgehog said: "Sometimes in the business called show, it’s difficult to find your way."

"There are times when you feel lost and all you want to do is curl up into a big ball," Hedgehog added. "Speaking of finding my way, my work takes me from venue to venue. One night I can be playing to an intimate audience, the next? 10,000 people."

He also said his costume helps his "dad dancing because I can be a bit like David Brent on the dance floor."

What the judges said in week 1: Jack Whitehall, Eddie Izzard, Sir Ian McKellen

What the judges said in week 2: Michael Crawford, Michael Ball and Johnny Ball (Zoe Ball’s dad)

What the judges said in week 4: Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, Rufus Hound, Shane Richie

What the judges said in week 5: Brian McFadden, John Bishop, Phillip Schofield

What the judges said in week 6: Michael Ball, John Thompson, Bradley Walsh, Mackenzie Crook

Who viewers think it is: Jason Manford, Michael McIntyre, Jack Whitehall, Alfie Boe, Michael Ball

Who is Octopus? Katherine Jenkins

Photo credit: ITV

Week 1 clues: Octopus sounds like they could be American, has experience on the runway and wants to be a "role model" to children. They're "bubbly", always "on the go" and also love weight training.

Week 3 clues: Octopus teased: "I never considered that something I loved could be my job. I’m always learning but I’m certainly no apprentice. To get ahead in this game you need to have a plan." A picture of a young Jason Donovan flashed up and Octopus continued: "In fact, I used one of my eight hands to shake on a record-breaking deal, which you could say left me squids in."

Truth or lie: I was discovered on a cruise ship / I used an accent coach to prepare for this show/ I made my first million in the cosmetics industry.

Week 4 clues: This week's VT featured a treasure chest and a London travel guide. "As an octopus, I don’t always spend time in my natural habitat… so it’s a good job I have my wellies… I can wear them at the beach, in the Dales and even in the city," they revealed.

Apparently referencing I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, Octopus went on: "I’ve been known to visit some very dangerous locations… it takes some serious fish guts to do what I’ve done."

Week 5 clues: "Maybe it’s my British sense of humour coming through," Octopus told the judges. "My job takes me to many places, even back in time."

They then revealed they can speak (or at least sing in) lots of languages, "Octopus isn’t the only language I’ve been known to use. You might hear me wax lyrical in Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, Welsh, Latin or Mandarin."

The dressing room clue showed Octopus being delivered food and asking if it was vegan.

Week 6 clues: "I have been very fortunate to perform for all sorts of people, from pensioners to royalty. I love nothing better than songs of joy. There’s nothing like the sound of a choir in a beautiful, cool venue. But be careful, my voice has been known to bring the house down literally," Octopus revealed.

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

What the judges said in week 1: Cara Delevingne, Jodie Kidd, Tyra Banks and Nicole Scherzinger

What the judges said in week 3: Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Holly Willoughby

What the judges said in week 4: Gemma Atkinson, Charlotte Church, Gemma Arterton, Myleene Klass

What the judges said in week 5: Charlotte Church, Patsy Kensit, Sheree Murphy, Heather Mills

What the judges said in week 6: Kym Marsh, Charlotte Church, Sheree Murphy

Who viewers think it is: Katherine Jenkins, Jenna Coleman

Who is Unicorn? Jake Shears

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: Unicorn was described as a "show pony" that has "always stood out from the crowd".

Unicorn shared: "When I was a child, I used to go on holiday on a private plane."

Week 2 clues: The mystery singer, who said they "like attention", denied being John Barrowman after the judges were convinced that was who was under the mask in week one. "I don’t know who he is, but if I did I would say that he is fabulous!"

While holding two apples, they also revealed they grew up on a "small island before the lights of the big city beckoned".

They added: "I’ve always been theatrical and tap danced my way through school, so to see my own name up in lights, that was a dream come true. There’s something about being on stage that feels… magic."

Photo credit: Brian Ritchie/ITV

Truth or lie? Pineapple is my favourite food/My girlfriend is very famous/Acting changed my life.

Week 4 clues: Unicorn hinted at a background in writing, revealing: "Another passion I have is to write… I especially love fantasy and horror." They added: "I’m a fantastical beast and a beauty... I don’t just write for myself. Some pretty big names have used my writing."

Week 5 clues: Unicorn told the judges he has "always liked playing dress-up" and "give me any excuse to throw on something fun, and I’ll do it."

Photo credit: Brian Ritchie/ITV

What the judges said in week 1: John Barrowman, Adam Lambert, Louie Spence and JC Chasez

What the judges said in week 2: Matthew Morrison, Frankie Grande, Neil Patrick Harris, Peter Andre

What the judges said in week 4: Matthew Morrison, Zac Efron, Jake Shears, John Barrowman

What the judges said in week 5: Jack Osbourne, Jake Shears, Courtney Act, Matthew Morrison

Who viewers thought it was: Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale

Who is Duck? Skin from Skunk Anansie

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: Duck is a "real softy" and has "always been sporty". They used to be a long-distance runner and said: "You might even catch me surfing from time to time."

Week 2 clues: Duck said she speaks a number of languages, including German and Italian. She also revealed 850,000 people once sang happy birthday to her – "and I had the pleasure of singing happy birthday to a true legend myself."

Truth or lie? I used to do gigs with David Bowie/I was part of a famous girl band/I have two adult children.

Week 4 clues: "I like to think that what I do is a labour of love and I like to be liberal with my talents," Duck told the judges.

"Throughout my life I’ve used my voice to help others. It’s nice to be able to take people under your wing, or stand up for something you believe in."

Duck continued: "As a duckling, I saw Judi Dench perform and it was her that got me into Shakespeare... It’s nice to be inspired by strong women."

Week 5 clues: "When I was little, I always felt like the ugly duckling," Duck said. "My siblings were beautiful but I always felt like the little girl whose feathers wouldn’t grow properly."

Photo credit: Brian Ritchie

What the judges said in week 1: Mel C, Paula Radcliffe, Melanie Blatt and Dame Kelly Holmes

What the judges said in week 2: Mel C, Heidi Klum, Chrissy Teigen

What the judges said in week 4: Dianne Abbott, Claire Danes, Mel C, Maya Jama

What the judges said in week 5: Poppy Delevingne, Heidi Klum, Winnie Harlow, Skin from Skunk Anansie

Who viewers thought it was: Dawn French, Dame Kelly Holmes, Skunk Anansie’s Skin

Who is Chameleon? The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: Masked Singer fans thought they picked up on a Geordie twang when the mystery singer spoke about their "many talents" and being "a dazzling urban act" that is "more used to the tech of the '70s."

Chameleon, who performed Radiohead's 'Creep', also "once provided the voice of a children’s cartoon character".

Week 2 clues: "Someone once told me my talent was first class, but perhaps the same hasn’t always been said for my behaviour," Chameleon teased. "I’ve spent a lot of money on some very silly things."

"My life was a bit like something out of a soap opera," he continued before revealing he’d picked up "three awards at the same event".

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Truth or lie? In my job, it’s not normal for me to become wet/ I once won three BAFTA Awards/ It’s not unusual for me to wear tight trousers.

What the judges said in week 1: Idris Elba, Nigel Havers, Reggie Yates and Chiwetel Ejiofor

What the judges said in week 2: Richard Blackwood, Curtis Pritchard, Anthony Joshua

Who viewers though it was: Alexander Armstrong, Declan Donnelly

Who is Monster? Cee-Lo Green

Photo credit: ITV

Week 1 clues: Monster has a distinct American accent and judges thought they could also be a Grammy Award winner after he said they've "feasted on a lot of awards". He's "bright", "bold" and has a "big personality". Monster also revealed his hero is Spandau Ballet star Tony Hadley.

Week 3 clues: "When I think about it, I’m always trying to be a bit of a showman,” Monster said. "You can create characters for your own story. As a child I had a hunger for books. I was a real book worm but I can also be a real little monster. It was in my little monster years that I discovered my love for rock and roll."

He continued: "Glam rock inspired me… I didn’t want to be another cookie cutter monster, I wanted to do my own thing."

True or lie: I have an identical twin / I had a monster hit with Calvin Harris / I am Cee-Lo Green.

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

Week 4 clues: "I come from a big monster family and music was always a huge part of my life," the performer teased. "It was a relative who encouraged my gift when they heard me singing in the shower… I guess they liked the sound of my voice."

Week 5 clues: "This monster has a sense of humour, I even dipped a paw or two in comedy before," Monster told the judges. "Deep beneath this fur coat is a big old blue funny ball."

Week 6 clues: As images of Monster wearing different wigs and disguises were shown, he revealed: "I love to dress up and look good. Why? Because I’m all about the showmanship.”

He added: "Costumes aren’t just for Halloween, even though I’ve been linked to vampires and mummies."

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

What the judges said in week 1: Cee-Lo Green, Jamie Foxx, Andre 3000, LL Cool J and Elton John

What the judges said in week 3: Nile Rodgers, Noel Fielding, Jack Black

What the judges said in week 4: Cee-Lo Green, Rag'n'Bone Man, Sheila Ferguson, Angela Bassett

What the judges said in week 5: Cee-Lo Green, Tom Jones, Will.i.am

What the judges said in week 6: Jason Derulo, Cee-Lo Green, Flavor Flav

Who viewers think it is: Cee-Lo Green, Rag'n'Bone Man, Jason Segel

Who is Tree? Teddy Sheringham

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: Tree perhaps gave away the biggest clues of the episode when he revealed he's a footballer who isn't "pitch perfect" but would give it a "shot" and it was his "goal" to win the show. Tree has also "played in front of big crowds before".

Week 3 clues: "As a tree, I’m used to withstanding pressure," he shared. "There can be a lot resting on your branches and even tree fans can be tough on you if you don’t get the right result."

Truth or lie: My biggest regret is not catching a ball/ Kevin Keegan once called my playing style wooden / People always want to speak to me about one particular moment.

What the judges said in week 1: Peter Crouch, Chris Kamara, Alan Shearer and David Beckham

What the judges said in week 3: Peter Crouch, David Seaman

Who viewers thought it was: Jamie Redknapp, Peter Crouch (though he later denied he was the Tree with this hilarious tweet)

Who is Daisy? Kelis

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/ITV

Week 1 clues: Daisy hinted she's not a Brit as she plans to stay in the UK for a "long time". They have a "bright" personality and like fishing.

Week 3 clues: "Food has always been a huge part of my life. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen growing up… I’ve trained at one of the most prestigious schools in the world to grow my culinary skills." Viewers and the judges also saw onions and a mini Eiffel Tower during the VT.

Truth or lie: I put my arm into an Australian hellhole / My favourite sport growing up was ice hockey / I’ve performed at Glastonbury.

Week 4 clues: Continuing with the culinary hints, she said: "Food and music have always gone hand in hand in my life."

What the judges said in week 1: Lindsay Lohan, Beverley Knight, Meghan Markle and Lulu

What the judges said in week 3: Kelis, Mary J Blige, Macy Gray, Fleur East

What the judges said in week 4: Fleur East, Alyssa Milano, Neneh Cherry

Who viewers thought it was: Kelis

Who is Fox? Denise van Outen

Photo credit: Brian Ritchie/ITV

Week 1 clues: Fox had all the moves as they rocked out to 'Call Me' by Blondie. They're "street smart, nosy and vocal" and can be found in the East End.

"For 30 years I’ve been collected teapots," they also revealed.

Week 3 clues: "To survive I’m prepared to Fox Trot with the best of them," Fox teased. They also said they've spent time in America and have "even broken records".

Truth or lie: I have an award-winning body / I’ve been on tour with the Rolling Stones / I was one of the first stars of reality TV.

Week 4 clues: "I do love a bit of glam," Fox disclosed. "There’s nothing like getting ready for a night out with the girls."

"I used to model clothes too… it was a broken heel that led me to my big break."

Week 5 clues: Fox's biggest clue this week was: "Tonight, I’m going out there to party like I’m back at Coachella."

While the dressing room clue was a good luck card which said 'break a leg' from ALW (Andrew Lloyd Webber).

Week 6 clues: Fox made another tea reference when she said: "I’m not going to spill the tea just yet but I love a good British cuppa."

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron

What the judges said in week 1: Kerry Katona, Sam Fox, Helen Mirren and Joanna Lumley

What the judges said in week 3: Kim Wilde, Arlene Philips, Tamsin Outhwaite, Catherine Zeta Jones

What the judges said in week 4: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Denise van Outen, Matt Lucas, Liz McClarnon

What the judges said in week 5: Louise Redknapp, Billie Piper, Sara Cox

What the judges said in week 6: Denise van Outen, Elaine Paige, Martine McCutcheon

Who viewers think it is: Denise Van Outen, Sam Fox, Alexandra Burke, Martine McCutcheon, Stephanie Davis

Who is Butterfly? Patsy Palmer

Ahead of her performance, the VT showed someone spinning decks and the judges were told that she had left the UK to go and live somewhere where her home was under threat. They were also told her marriage was watched by millions.

Who people thought it was: Patsy Palmer

Who is Pharaoh? Alan Johnson

One of Pharaoh's clues was that his job was also a piece of furniture, which led to the panel guessing he was a cabinet member. He also revealed he "saw the Queen on a daily basis".

Who people thought it was: Paul Burrell

The Masked Singer airs on Saturday on ITV at 7pm.

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