'Ever Seen a Minister Running?': Piyush Goyal Praised For Rushing to Parliament Before Question Hour


Railway Minister Piyush Goyal's photograph of rushing to Parliament to field questions from members went viral on Twitter, with users praising him. This comes amidst reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been unhappy with the low attendance and absenteeism evident in the Question Hour in Parliament.

PM Modi has, in the past, flagged the absent ministers in both Houses of Parliament. This photo of Piyush Goyal first went viral on Twitter,with several people praising him for taking his job seriously. While some pointed out that there was nothing unusual about this since being present on time during Question Hour is his job, a few pointed out that no one's ever seen a Cabinet minister running before!

A Twitter user posted the picture and captioned it: @PiyushGoyal ji running to attend question hour on time after the cabinet meeting." The post got 265 retweets and 998 likes. A user replied: "Modi leadership...All dedicated servants only. No space for power- and status- seeking greedy politicians". Another post read: "Dedication! Great leader, sir."

(With inputs from IANS)