Even regular exercise might not save sedentary folks from chronic diseases

Washington, August 03 (ANI): University of Missouri researchers have suggested that physical inactivity is the primary cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and fatty liver disease.

According to the researchers, even people who set aside time for regular exercise but are otherwise sedentary, may not be active enough to combat these diseases.

In a recent study, John Thyfault, assistant professor in the departments of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and Internal Medicine, found that negative physiological changes associated with a higher risk for type 2 diabetes, occur in people who transition from high amounts of activity (greater than 10,000 steps a day) to inactivity (fewer than 5,000 steps each day).

"If people spend the majority of their time sitting, even with regular periods of exercise, they are still at greater risk for chronic diseases," Thyfault said.

"If people can add some regular movement into their routines throughout the day, they will feel better and be less susceptible to health problems. In the long term, they may not see big changes in the mirror, but they will prevent further weight gain," Thyfaul added. (ANI)