Work even post-retirement, courtesy this Delhi-based job portal

Pallabi Chatterjee

Work even post-retirement, courtesy this Delhi-based job portal

21 Apr 2018: Work even post-retirement, courtesy this Delhi-based job portal

Aging is a new stage of opportunity and strength, said American writer Betty Friedan.

Whoever thought senior citizens are a liability and only represent grumpy old men/women, didn't hear of the founder of Delhi-based social enterprise HUM.

He is a 77-year-old man, who started an organization with his nephew, entrepreneur Vipul Prakash, to enable other retired individuals get employment opportunities.

Here are the details.

Realizations: My uncle's post retirement anxiety motivated me: Vipul

Meet Ramesh Vij, a retired technocrat, who motivated Vipul to think about senior citizens interested in working post retirement.

"When I met my uncle, he imagined all sorts of ailments post-retirement," Vipul told The Better India, adding that when he looked around, he realized that there are men/women who have retired at 58-60 years, but still have ability to work for another ten years.

Details: HUM was born to make seniors feel worthy again

HUM is basically an online community-based platform that lists job opportunities for the senior citizens. They connect these senior citizens to employers who seek experienced people.

They have already reached out to about 5,000 senior citizens through Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Vipul and Vij were joined by Kritarth Malhotra, an electrical engineer, and the trio wants to make senior citizens feel worthy again.

Fact: But, what kind of jobs are available for them?

Ramesh told Better India, "Our hypothesis is that clients face challenges in staffing certain roles, have huge attrition on certain roles and have surge months where they need extra people. We feel there is a potential to create a whole new category of services targeted towards these people."