'Even Muslims Are Not Safe in Pakistan': Baldev Kumar, Former MLA of Imran Khan's PTI, Seeks Asylum in India

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New Delhi, September 10: In an embarrassment for Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, a former legislator of his Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) sought political asylum in India. Baldev Kumar, who had represented Pakistan's Barikot reserved seat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, said he won't return to Pakistan, adding that minorities and even Muslims are not safe in Pakistan. He alleged that the Pakistani Army and ISI dictate Imran Khan. Pakistan Most Dangerous Country to Deal With, Says Former US Defence Secretary James Mattis.

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"Not only minorities but even Muslims are not safe there (Pakistan). We are surviving in Pakistan with a lot of difficulties. I request the Indian government to give me asylum here. I will not go back," Baldev Kumar told news agency ANI. The former PTI MLA is presently in India on a three-month visa. Before his arrival, he sent his wife and their two children to their relatives in Ludhiana's Khanna. Kashmir is Pakistan's 'Jugular Vein', Says PM Imran Khan.

Speaking to a news channel, Kumar said people had expectations from Imran Khan when he came to power but he failed in protecting minorities in Pakistan. He said that he realised Pakistan was no longer safe for minorities after the daughter of a Sikh priest was forcibly converted in Nankana Sahib province. "If religious leaders are not being respected, then who would listen to me?" Kumar asked.

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Kumar further urged the Modi government to provide financial assistance to minorities in Pakistan to leave the country. "Indian government should announce a package so that the Hindu and Sikh families staying in Pakistan can come here. I want Modi Sahab to do something for them. They are tortured there," Kumar, who was charged for the murder of a Sikh legislator in 2016, said.