Eve teasing, sexual harassment rampant in overcrowded buses in Pak capital


Islamabad, May 11 (ANI): Overcrowded buses running in Pakistan's capital city of Islamabad have become a preying ground for male commuters who subject women passengers to eve-teasing and harassment, making it a major issue of concern for the women in the city.

"The issue of women harassment has become a cause of anxiety for most of us. The problem has worsened, as most of the time the buses are either overloaded or the operators do not adhere to the reserved seat quota for women in buses," the Daily Times quoted a female commuter, as saying.

"Unethical treatment is meted out to women, even school and college students, in public transport buses," she added.

According to commuters, the "drivers do not move an inch until the vehicles are overloaded at the bus stop".

Another commuter said there should be separate buses for women because "the separate seats for women in vehicles are always occupied by men, and women have to wait for the goodwill of some men who leave the seats for them."

Traffic Police SSP Moeen Masood, said the department has received complaints of overloading and harassment, and strict directions have been issued to curb such incidents.

"We know that the issue of eve teasing and immoral treatment of women in public transport is increasing day by day, and have taken some steps to curb this menace. We will seriously try to implement this rule and whosoever tries to flout it will be dealt with strictly," he said, adding that the department will ensure that the first two seats in all buses are reserved for ladies. (ANI)