Eunion Conducts Strategic Cooperation with SWITCHFIN.EXCHANGE to Lead New Contract Trading

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As a world-famous clearing service provider, Eunion has provided services for over 100 international trading platforms to promote the digital transformation of global finance. Taking the lead in the field of new financial technology, it has brought comprehensive reforms to the clearing and settlement of digital finance. For the sake of stable development of the industry and more complete transaction ecosystem for most users, Eunion has reached a strategic cooperation with Switchfin Exchange. Both sides will join hands for in-depth cooperation to build a financial ecosystem in the digital field.

As an international service platform focusing on digital currency transactions, Switchfin Exchange was registered in the United States with 50 million dollars of registered capital. The core team includes some top technical staff from world-renowned exchanges and some international operation centers have been established in San Francisco, London and Hong Kong. It serves as a platform dedicated to providing safe, convenient and reliable global authoritative digital asset transactions for global digital asset users.

Switchfin Exchange is capable of global real-time exchange, account transfer, real-time exchange rate calculation for contract and second-level settlement of transaction confirmation as well as various flexible deposits/withdrawals and OTC settlements, especially the “second-level contract” is an original new trading contract which mainly focuses on short-term investment transactions. It only costs 60 seconds, 120 seconds or 180 seconds to terminate the contract transaction. By means of the lever function in the second-level contract, the users can obtain higher returns within shorter time at faster speed regardless of market fluctuations.

Due to the Switch security mechanism, the platform enjoys extremely high level of security. Meanwhile, it also adopts the high-speed transaction promotion engine jointly developed with Eunion, which is capable of tens of thousands of transactions per second. The powerful technical guarantee and efficient promotion engine can meet the transaction demands of users to the maximum level. The simple trading interface and in-depth K-line analysis interface can comprehensively and intuitively show the market and enhance the trading experience in every aspect for the users.

Switchfin Exchange always attaches great importance to user experience and feedbacks with prompt resolutions for the complaints. The professional service team is always ready to provide 24X7 services for the customers. 24-hour trading per day, flexible leverage configuration and rich mainstream perpetual contracts will ensure more values for your investment.

Looking to the future, Switchfin Exchange will definitely attract more senior traders and top digital asset investors from all over the world to create the great value of Switchfin Exchange trading platform. Based on the strategic cooperation, Eunion will continue to conduct layout in the entire chain of new financial industry – to empower the industry based on the finance! Moreover, Eunion will also continuously optimize the global ecological infrastructure and entire industrial chain, so as to pay back for the trust and support of all the users with rich ecological construction in the industry.

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