Eunice Velez, Founder Of 860 Finances & Credit LLC Aims To Help People With Credit Issues

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In early 2020, Eunice Velez, a young Hispanic woman in the town of New Britain, Connecticut, started her new company called 860 Finances & Credit LLC. The reason she started her own business is because she noticed how her community faced issues due to lack of financial literacy. Knowing that it was a severe problem in the minority community, she was upset. However, being a minority herself, she couldn’t just sit back and watch her people crumble.

Eunice Velez made it her mission to change the credit and financial crisis in her area with her company, 860 Finances & Credit LLC. Regarding her company name being this unique, it has to do with her roots. Eunice is proud of her roots, and with this name, she wants to remind herself and everyone that being hopeful always helps one to grow and succeed. Hence, there’s the area code of Connecticut in her company name.

Eunice Velez had personally also struggled with her finances. It resulted in the plummeting of her credit. She was finding it difficult to seek help as she had no idea where to get some. That’s when Eunice decided to educate herself regarding finances, budgeting, and credit. Once Eunice saw the light at the end of the tunnel and overcame her struggle, she decided to help other people in her community. Helping others became a passion for her because once in life, she had struggled the same way.

Talking about her company 860 Finances & Credit LLC, it functions significantly to help people struggling with their credit needs as well as their finances. Eunice Velez has witnessed how several credit repair companies indulge in scamming. So she wants to bring a change so that people don’t get deceived. Her business is structured on charging clients based on the results of the program, so that way, clients are not throwing their money in the garbage.

About her company, Eunice says, “I don’t believe in taking advantage of people. Tell me what your vision is, and I’ll help make it a reality!”

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