Established Theologian Christian Daniel Releases First Book in a Series Focused on Different Faiths

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Author Christian Daniel releases ‘Welcome Home, Mohammed’, the first book in a series focused on different faiths around the world today. In the first book, the first faith to be covered is Islam. As an established theologian, the author has done deep research into the history of religions. The book has recently passed Amazon’s vetting process and is approved for sale on Amazon.

Religions mainly contain writings from the past, which may contradict scientific truths or have bits and pieces be disproved over the course of time. This is particularly apt in today’s world as we move forward in a society that is increasingly more scientific and technology-based. One aspect that has been singled out of late is the cult-like movements in certain sub-segments of religions. Quoting Christian Daniel: “In some ways, it’s similar to peer pressure. It may be good in some instances and not so good in others.”

Hence, this led to the author’s determination to write an entire series around various faiths. He examines 10 potential flaws, intended to spark the reader’s critical thinking. The author wants to challenge the reader’s understanding of his (or her) own faith - so much so that he/she may finish reading the book being more devout or do a 180 and consider leaving their religion.

Christian Daniel is an American writer of eastern European Christian orthodox background, with an interest in theology and history of religions. This is the first book of a series of books focused on different faiths around the world today. While he takes a fact-based approach in his books, he is a devout Christian and hopes to spread the good word of Christianity. Interested readers can purchase the book from Amazon.