Some essential life lessons school never taught you

School taught us about many important things but there are some essentiallife lessons that text books don't include and These lessons areimpossible to learn within the four walls of any school. Do you know,both are very important!

We all spent 12 to 14 years ofour life in school, but we never realized how tough life would actuallybecome after the end of that golden period.

This is now you know, And this video will teach you some valuablelife-lessons your school never taught you.


You might be bored hearingthis sentence nowadays, but you have never heard this in your school. Inan interview, no one appoints you on the basis of your grades or the lessonsyou learned in school, but your knowledge. The guy sitting next to you atoffice may not have the same grade that you did; Still you both earn the samerespect and money. Your school is over and now life is beyond textbooks.


In school and college yourlife always revolves around your friends. But in real life it's very hardto sustain without networking and social connections. You need a good job, you need a new apartment and you need to startsomething new in life. It simply means, for all these needs you have tomaintain good relations with everyone.


In school or college life, aromantic relationship survives on sweet words. However, in real life thesituation totally differs In real life you observe the person's actionsyou are in love with, notice the efforts they put in to make it work. So, if you are in a romantic relationship, becareful about your words as well as actions.


Still hate your best friend,who dated your girlfriend in high school? Holding grudges will take younowhere! All of us commit mistakes sometimes. Holding grudges willprevent you from enjoying life to the fullest learn to forgive and be happy. Isthere anything you want to add to the list? Tell us in the comment box. All ofus commit mistakes sometimes. Holding grudges will prevent you fromenjoying life to the fullest. learn to forgive and be happy.

Is there anything you want to add to the list? Tell us inthe comment box.

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