Esha Deol And Bharat Takhtani's Baby's Day Out With Daughter, Radhya, Her Pregnancy Glow Is Evident

Are you one of those people, who begins the countdown for the weekend on Monday itself? Even if you are in a job that is satisfying and doesn’t feel like work, you have to admit the fact that ‘who doesn’t like chutti'! And that is why, we adore Sundays like no other days of the week as it is just meant for some chill-pill and family time. And how wonderfully, the Takhtani-Deol trio made the most of their Sunday! (Do Read: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan And Abhishek Bachchan To Become Parents Again? Fans Think So)

One of the most gorgeous actresses and now second time mommy-to-be, Esha Deol is acing her pregnancy like how! After welcoming their baby daughter, Radhya Takhtani on October 20, 2017, Esha will soon have an adorable addition to the family. On January 21, 2019, the Kaal actress took to Instagram and posted a super-cute picture of baby Radhya, with the words “I’m being promoted to ‘Big Sister’” etched on it. Here is the picture in case you missed:

And it was yesterday (March 24, 2019), shutterbugs captured Esha Deol, hubby Bharat Takhtani and baby daughter, Radhya Takhtani making the most of their Sunday chill session! Radhya was all ‘posey’ for the camera, wrapped in her papa, Bharat’s arms while Esha looked resplendent in an all-black fit maternity dress. However, it was Esha’s pregnancy glow which took away all the attention! Here, take a look at the array of pictures here:



Amazing, isn’t it? It was Esha Deol’s devar, Aman Takhtani’s wedding on January 2019 and it was then, that we could witness a beautiful picture of Esha, Bharat and Radhya, all decked up for the do. The trio looked stunning in all-traditional attires and Esha took to Instagram to post the same from her Instagram handle. Sharing the picture, she captioned it as, “#familywedding #coldweather #takhtani #amanforshiv @jewellerybyasthajagwani @bharattakhtani3 in @simplysimone.official #radhyatakhtani in a #southindiandress #babyinuggs. #gratitude.” Here is the picture:

Esha Deol, soon after announcing her second pregnancy, had shared with a leading daily, “Both of us definitely wanted another baby as we grew up with siblings and wanted the same fun company for Radhya. The timing happened by the grace of God." Esha also shared her star parents, Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s reaction upon becoming grandparents again. She had stated, “All the four grandparents are excited, for them the more the merrier!" (Must Read: Rohit Sharma's 3-Month-Old Daughter Dances As He Sings Rap From Gully Boy, Video Inside)

Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani had flown off to Greece for their babymoon when they were expecting Radhya. Are they planning for a similar one this time too? The Na Tum Jaano Na Hum star had shared, “I don't think I can call it a babymoon the second time around as I can’t go anywhere without my baby. I will take Radhya with me everywhere I go so let's just call it a family vacation for Bharat, Radhya and me whenever we plan to travel.”

Esha Deol had also spoken about maintaining a work-life balance and the pro-mommy had stated, “The ballet is still going on as planned. And I will resume my professional commitments after my second child is born, the way I did after Radhya entered our lives. It’s all about balancing work and personal life as I have certain responsibilities as wife and mother while also being passionate about my work.”

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Esha Deol had shared some beautiful thoughts about the perks of embracing motherhood again and had also revealed the month when they will welcome their little munchkin. Esha had stated, “I am a mother inside and out. I have a daughter who is one and half. I am expecting my second baby now. Motherhood has definitely made me grow up overnight.” Further revealing the month and time of the arrival of the baby, the doting mommy had shared, “During our beautiful monsoons.”

In the same interview, Esha Deol had shared ‘big sister’ Radhya’s reaction to her mommy’s pregnancy. She had shared, “There are times she comes and kisses my stomach. Bharat and I would ask to her ‘come and say hi to baby’. She'll come and say ‘Hi! Baby’ and will touch and kiss my stomach when I ask her where the baby is? She ends up lifting her own top and touch her stomach. That's cute!” She had also shared, “She is also fond of a little doll which she feeds with a milk bottle. I see her doing these things and I am hoping that when the real baby comes, she behaves in that same manner.It’s going to be a new experience all together again.” (Also Read: Arpita Khan Sharma Shares Pic With Ahil Sharma and Salman Khan, It's Perfect 'Mamu-Bhanja' Moment)

We can’t wait, right? Guys, like Esha Deol, Bharat Takhtani and Radhya, did you too, spend your Sunday chilling with your family? Keep us posted!

Images courtesy: Esha Deol