Eric Trump and Ben Carson respond to Trump’s Twitter attack on Baltimore

On Monday night's HannityEric Trump doubled down on his father's ongoing Twitter attack against Representative Elijah Cummings and his congressional district of Baltimore. The president began his attack on Sunday by calling Cummings’ city "a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess" in response to the congressman's criticism of border detention facilities.

When speaking with Hannity, Eric echoed his father's statements while also blasting Democrats, "Baltimore is broken. My father is right, and the Democrats know it. It's just they run away from it. How long has Baltimore been controlled by Democrats? You take the top ten most dangerous cities in this country, and they are all controlled by Democrats. "

Numerous politicians, including Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young, defended Cummings and condemned the president's remarks. With many Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren calling the comments racist.

Eric thinks Democrats are weaponizing the racist label. "If he calls out anybody other than a white male, he is immediately racist; Is immediately sexist. He's immediately xenophobic or homophobic. That's what the democrats do, and people are tired of it."

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson defended Elijah Cummings’ work in Baltimore while simultaneously supporting Trump. Carson also suggested the president would be open to working with Cummings to help out the struggling residents of Baltimore.

"In fact, I asked him today would you be willing to work with Elijah Cummings to bring some relief to the people of Baltimore, and he said he would be happy to,” he siad.

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