Eric Stonestreet gets his revenge on 'Ellen' after a lifetime of scares

On Ellen, Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet got his long-awaited revenge on whichever Ellen DeGeneres’s employee was planning to scare him this time around.

Eric Stonestreet gets scared on a previous visit to Ellen. (Photo: NBC)

It’s no secret that DeGeneres enjoys scaring her guests, usually by someone dressed in a crazy outfit jumping out of a table next to said guest. But DeGeneres seems to take special delight in scaring Stonestreet. We counted at least five instances when Stonestreet has been scared on the show. Granted, one of those times happened because she sent him into a haunted house with her producer.

On this appearance, DeGeneres helped Stonestreet get his revenge. First she signaled for him to get up and then told him where to stop right before the employee jumped out of the table. The man tried to run away but Stonestreet gave chase and tackled him. After a short wrestling match, Stonestreet prevailed.

“Finally! Finally!” he yelled.

Stonestreet then made the man tap out before getting off him.

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