India’s Karachi Bakery Vs Pak’s Bombay Bakery: What’s In a Name?

What’s in a name, you ask? A lot, evidently.

On 22 February, the Karachi Bakery in Bengaluru was forced to cover the word ‘Karachi’ on its name board after an angry mob forcefully entered the outlet to protest against Pakistan, The News Minute reported.

In response to the incident, the bakery said on Saturday, 23 February, that it was founded in 1953 by Sri Khanchand Ramnani, who "migrated to India during the partition.”

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“The essence of Karachi Bakery is absolutely Indian by heart and will remain so,” it said in a tweet.

From agreeing with protesters to outright condemnation of the incident, here’s what Twitterati had to say about the demonstration:

This was the original question, which has now been taken down.

Here’s another user replying to the aforementioned question:

And that’s not just it.

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The other outlets of Karachi Bakery in Bengaluru have been receiving threats since 17 February from different groups, demanding that the bakery changes its name or shuts down business, the Scroll quoted employees as saying.

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