Entrepreneurship an exciting world, lets you be your own boss, says Gitali Thakur at Mind Rocks

Gitali Thakur told youngsters to take failures in their stride and not get bogged down by them.

Entrepreneurship gives you an opportunity to be your own boss, said successful entrepreneur Gitali Thakur, while adding that one should be ready to face failures as well.

Gitali Thakur, founder of Maitri Livelihood Services Private Limited, spoke on 'Working for yourself: Creating jobs, not applying for one' at the India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2017.

Gitali Thakur's Maitri creates employment opportunities through skill-based training, primarily in the unorganised sector, among youth and women.

Talking about the criticism she has faced for not doing woman-like things, Gitali Thakur asked girls to fight for their rights.



  1. We are always negative about failures. Don't think it as an end of the world. We must learn from our mistakes.
  2. I have faced criticism for being a woman and not doing woman-like things but today my relatives feel proud of my achievements.
  3. Entrepreneurship is an exciting world. It gives you an opportunity to be your own boss. Aspiration level of people have gone up and it is about finding out what people want.
  4. We are very judgemental as a society. I tell young people that you must not become judgemental.
  5. Sectors that can offer exciting opportunities to entrepreneurs in Assam are dairy, food and catering, and tourism.