How Entrepreneur Kyle Eaton Made A Name For Himself By Making A Name For Others

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As an entrepreneur, building a reputation and establishing a brand are vital to success. In an increasingly digital world, self-promotion and getting as many eyes as possible on you online are keys to growing your business and increasing your profits. Nashville-based entrepreneur Kyle Eaton, however, is making a name for himself by making a name for others.

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The Start

“I realized I was good at increasing engagement and growing accounts,” Kyle recalls of his decision to found The Eaton Agency, a social media marketing firm, in 2016. “I was selling insurance at the time and used social media to expand my business. It took off from there.” Soon, Kyle was using his methods locally, helping friends and area businesses--with virtually universal success. Kyle branched out, adding athletes and online personalities to his clientele. But even with this diverse base, his own profits were limited.

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Breaking Through

By 2018, Kyle had moved to Nashville to broaden his network and be closer to his desired client base. His early partnerships with local businesses and athletes had led to more high-profile clients, and gaining experience with the market led to bigger pay days. Being in Nashville, Kyle added musicians to his clientele and was soon grossing six figures. “It was a whirlwind,” he remembers. “A few years ago, I was working three jobs and sleeping on people’s couches. I’ve come a long way in a short time.” That success includes partnerships with athletes, online personalities and influencers ranging from college basketball and football players to Beverly Hills real estate agents, high profile photographers, other entrepreneurs and brands, and everything in between.

Know Your Worth

“I spent about two years barely breaking even,” Kyle explains. “I didn’t know the market, so I was just charging what I thought was fair.” His initial rates of $50 per month put him at just a fraction of the industry average that often nears the $500-$1000 mark. Once he familiarized himself with the market, Kyle gradually adjusted his rates, and soon was able to stop selling insurance and focus on his business full time. By 2019, Kyle had expanded to not only Nashville, but also Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and even internationally. The Eaton Agency had made Kyle Eaton a global name, all by building a name for others.

The Method

“It’s modern marketing,” he says simply. “We specialize in social media growth, public relations, and best practices to help build a brand. The client can then leverage that for their business goals by increasing their customer base.” Clients can be assured the methods work, because the proof is in the success of the business itself. Prospective customers found The Eaton Agency through the same methods Kyle will use to build their brand. “To continue growing, I stay on top of the latest methods and trends,” he explains. “Customers know that if I’m using it for myself, it must be something I believe in--something that works.”

Advice to Newcomers

For those looking to emulate Kyle’s growth, he shares some wisdom he has learned over the last five years: take care of your clients. “Referrals are responsible for about 50% of my business now,” he explains. “People are going to tell their friends about you. Whether that’s good or bad is up to how you do business.”

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