Enough! It’s Time For a Pre-Emptive Strike On Our Own ‘Reputation’

How do you outwit an opponent?

Play on a woman’s reputation

There we go! A woman’s reputation. Used to settle scores. How original.

I mean. Come on, guys. So our ‘reputations’ again?

Stop it.

Grow up.

Your opponents, rivals, competitors are soon going to be overwhelmingly female. And formidable. And the day they decide that their ‘reputation’— according to accepted societal standards — is just not worth fighting for is the day women will really be free.

I mean imagine having a New Zealand-like situation in India, where the premier of the country lives her life in the following order:

  1. Dares to be female
  2. Be prime minister
  3. Meet a man she likes
  4. Have a baby
  5. Get engaged
  6. Have no immediate plans for marriage

Pipe dream in India, right? Hopefully, not for long.

Atishi should win this election and go on to do great things, no matter who planted that pamphlet. Her victory after this pathetic attempt of robbing her of her ‘dignity’ will be the best answer to every high school bully, account-hacking colleague, boarding-school-gossip who plants vicious rumours, and pretty much anyone else who feels they can bring us down by talking about the men in our lives…imagined or otherwise.

And now to you and me. What should the rest of us do if our ‘’reputation’’ and ‘’character’’….come under ‘’threat.”?

I propose a pre-emptive strike.

And that is to film ourselves in our own ‘’compromising positions’’ in advance and put that out there openly for the world to see. Write salacious gossip about our lives true or not, signed and publish on all platforms.

And then bam! Literally there will be no ‘modesty’ left to ‘outrage’. No ‘shame’ left to lie low about….

Every one from that stalker who threatens to publish ‘’morphed nudes” to the dude who filmed a girl secretly in the shower, will be left holding a dud copy of which the Internet will no longer have any use.

A bit like when a London county recently decided to take the awkwardness out of public breastfeeding by putting giant out-sized inflatable boobs on top of buildings.

And until I get the guts to do that….I’ll keep writing. But I know if I wait too long, some perv will beat me too it.

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