Proof Available to Register Murder Case Against Cops, Says HC in Father-Son 'Custodial Deaths' Case

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    This is what we heard,
    'nothing will happened to that police guy' . After few weeks or days another incident will come and this case will be covered.
    and after 4 and 3 months, 3 days the guy will be taken back as senior officer.

    heard that a constable told to magistrate that you cannot do anything to us. IF this is true and a constable can tell to a Magistrate then IMAGINE, something is going on wrong in the
    watch news you will see.
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    suspended, why not send them on a paid holiday, what sort of justice is this
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    Jugal Kishor
    why suspension why these were not arrested like two poor deceased persons which wrer arrested for speeking loudly
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    Gajendra Upadhyay
    It is a very good step of the High court to take cognizance of the matter suo moto and we hope that justice will be done for the victims and the culprit police officers will get severe punishment, which will be a lesson to the police department.
  • K
    Only suspension of the murderers? No jail? Do the Police have double standards?
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    Life Imprisonment if not anything else. They lynched two people that too in the police station for no reason at all. Let the children of these so called inspectors know the gruesome truth about their fathers. Sickening.
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  • R
    Where is loud mouth PMK Ramdos??????????? Where is VCK Thol??????????? all are missing now.
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    Suresh Bhagavath
    Same treatment to the police also reqiired
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    Very much happy, still the culprits have to undergo their charges.