Enjoy: A Unique Network Providing the Greatest Financing Opportunities

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It is a common saying, “Even a correct decision is wrong when it was taken too late”. In the traditional financial system, small and medium sized business financing is renowned for being difficult: strict credit requirements, unreasonable revenue criteria, lengthy application processes. Enjoy’s platform simplifies and expedites this process by cutting out needless middlemen to find numerous counterparties for each outcome. Enjoy is an innovative network of Lenders and Borrowers that seamlessly delivers customized capital solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of any industry, any vertical, any size. Lenders are provided a range of highly qualified leads that are best suited for their investment criteria and portfolio. From a Borrower’s viewpoint, Enjoy can provide opportunities to companies at all stages of their growth lifecycle. With a diverse suite of lenders, they are able to match financing opportunities to situation-specific objectives.

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As a revolutionary alternative lending platform, Enjoy can leverage the efficiency and accessibility to all members of their network — allowing Lenders and Borrowers to capitalize on opportunities faster than ever. In other words, as their community grows, the more powerful and rewarding the financing experience becomes.

The idea started from the founders’ ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture of the whole financial ecosystem. Using a blend of deep understanding of private lending transactions and technological age capabilities, they decided to launch a platform that can create success for everyone involved. Enjoy’s team has an incredible passion to help companies grow and succeed. By creating a structured and accessible route to the capital that they need to grow their business, companies have an enhanced ability to penetrate the market. An efficient financing process leads to accelerated scalability, new acquisitions or partnerships, liquidity goals, and organic growth.

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Alternative lending has always been a relationship-driven industry; word of mouth is vital to the success of this industry. With a fresh and savvy approach, Enjoy is positioned to integrate the traditional word-of-mouth financial system with the speed and convenience of the digital age.

Their ecosystem is built on the investment to foster the relationships between active lenders and companies seeking capital. By understanding the personalized needs of every client; Enjoy has been rapidly growing a robust community.

It’s not surprising that their foundation starts with their unwavering commitment to equip the whole network with mutually beneficial relationships that will support their success for years to come. While growing, the team at Enjoy understands the importance of not sacrificing personal connections for the sake of scalability, that would be the easy way out.

As Enjoy’s dynamic network flourishes, it’s founders have big dreams for the future. They aim to be the leaders of this marketplace and will have increasing influence as more firms become accustomed to their efficient system to create incredible financing experiences. Enjoy’s vision is unique and innovative — something the world needs a lot more of. This is why they spread heavy inspiration by creating the types of opportunities that people want and need.

Enjoy will play a significant role in building out the next stage of the modern financial system. This will lead to the greatest financing opportunities, allowing companies to turn innovative ideas into products and services that millions of consumers will use. Only time will be able to tell us what the future will hold as we continue to venture into the exciting possibilities this new platform provides.