Here’s How to Enjoy a Day in Indore Like a Local

Very few cities would be able to beat Indore in dynamism - it has so many interesting things to do in. To mention everything is easy, but experiencing all those things in a day is a little tough. And so, we have brought on board a very entertaining, funny, and charming local to give you all the right feels of experiencing Indore in a day - Rajiv Nema. He is a high-tech marketer by profession but an actor and comedian by choice. A quick search for Nema's videos will give you a good idea of Indore's atmosphere. His local Indori accent and comic dialogues are bound to leave you in splits and paint an unforgettable picture of the city. Take a look:

Wasn't that quite a ride?! Just hire a cab for the day and you're good to go explore this enticing city. Here is a quick look at what else can you do along with what Rajiv Nema has already recommended in the video.

There are many waterfalls and trekking tracks within a short distance of Indore - Tincha fall, Patalpani, Sitlamata fall, Choral, Mohadi Fall are few places you would want to visit.

If street shopping isn't your thing, Indore has many high-end malls that have food courts, gaming zones, and diverse fashion brand stores.

Just 20 km away from Indore is Ralamandal, an exquisite bird and wildlife sanctuary, that also houses an ancient palace built by the Holkars. A short and sweet morning trek followed by seeing the astonishing variety of fauna that includes deer, rabbits and an umpteen variety of birds, and admiring the heritage architecture is an experience every traveler would cherish.

Now that you know how to visit and enjoy Indore like a local, you might as well book tickets soon. We already have!