English woman & Italian man fell in love by using Google Translate

Shubham Ghosh

London, Jan 10: We are accustomed with seeing people trying all types of things to fall in love in Bollywood flicks, often considered an alternative reality for us Indians.

But here is an instance where the reality surprised us more than Bollywood flicks and it is about a couple of different nationalities who fell in love and did something unique to overcome their language barriers.

Twenty-three-year-old Chloe Smith from the UK and her Italian boyfriend Daniele Marisco, 25, met at a nightclub for the first time in Ibiza, Spain, and reportedly fell in love. But the two were not able to converse since they didn't know each other's language when they first met.

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But the duo succeeded in overcoming the challenge and has spent two years together now. They give credit to Google Translate for helping their romance to blossom. They now live in Streatham, London and have learnt to speak in each other's language, according to Metro UK.

"There was something exciting about Daniele, the fact we couldn't understand each other wasn't a problem. We just clicked. Despite never having a foreign boyfriend before, I knew I liked him, and I knew he would learn one day," Metro UK quoted Chloe as saying.

"Sometimes you must do these things for love. 'Some people thought I was crazy when I went to Barcelona with him after only knowing him for one week, but I just knew it would be the best decision I could ever make."

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The two gradually reduced their dependence on Google Translate by spending more time with each other.

"We have proved to all doubters that we are meant to be," Marisco said.

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