English Language Companion is a one stop solution to your grammar woes

New Delhi, November 18, 2019: There can be few things as drab and abstract as a grammar book. Most grammar books are not user friendly and that’s a major reason why they don’t cut an ice with the young readers.Normally, its hard tofind a reliable and user friendly grannar book. But then there is no denying the fact that it’s a good grammar book which plays a pivotal role in shaping the language command of the person—a very important and integral part of a person’s written language.

It is here that the English Language Companion, written by Vasuda Malik can be viewed as a welcome change for it comes with a plethora of illustrations which make it very user friendly and also appeals to the readers. The author has also taken a lot of pain and trouble to ensure that this book holds an appeal cutting across various sections of age.

Even the title of the book suggests that it goes beyond the mere handbook for teachers and school children. For a companion is one of the most trusted aspects of a relationship and also implies trust. True to its meaning, the English Language Companion is a trusted and true friend of anyone seeking to improve his or her grammar.

It’s the various sketches and illustrations in the book that are something of a game changer. Its in this aspect that one gets the feeling that the English Language Companion comes quite close to being a almost perfect userfriendly guide to the intricate world of English grammar. The author has taken special pains to explain the various usages of a word such in noun, verb adjective form. Each and every one of the 21 chapters of the book are revised with clarity and a statement of intent.

As one goes wades through the English Language Companion, one is really impressed by the efforts taken by the author to simplify things---something which forms the core of a good grammar manual. Simplicity, the ability to convey abstract concepts with lucidity is the hallmark of this book. And it goes without a doubt in saying that this book exemplifies the need of the hour.

Another interesting aspect of this book is that it uses an entertaining approach. Usually any book on grammar tends to be an exercise in drabness and mundanity, but that is certainly not the case with English Language Companion. Replete with a bevy of precise sketches which animate the meaning and usage of words, this book offers a one stop solution to the intricacies of proper usage in the English language.

Another noteworthy aspect of this book is that important important usages in the language have been underlined. Probably it’s the first time in a grammar book that literally goes out of its way in emphaising the importance of certain words in the English language.

Needless to say it’s but natural to say here that the English Language Companion should be part of the school curriculum. Children’s reading habits are adversely affected by abstractness. It’s in this context that one finds this book more than handy. As Rupa Nandy a teacher in a private school in Delhi puts it,” I have gone through this book, I strongly feel that it should be prescribed as a must read for the students. I find the entire concept of this book especially the sketches really apt and very useful to the current crop of students,” she added.

What was the main objective in bringing out a book like this?According to Vasuda Malik, said,” The main objective of writing this book was to offer a reasonably priced and out-an-out guide to school students which has all the necessary parts of English grammer and short, succinct and to the point examples to illustrate the general rules of English language. The chief aim of penning this book was to bring to the fore handy and user-oriented solutions to grammar queries, facilitate English language learning, impart English communication skills and language proficiency and most importantly prepare readers for conversations, articulation and discourse which they will engage in in their day-to-day lives.

It must be also mentioned here that Vasuda has written quite a number of books that happen to be a mixed bag of tales and fables.

Her first book, Birds and the Urban Jungle and its sequel Birds and the Urban Jungle for young readers are illustrated story books based on environment which is a burning and contemporary issue that has overwhelmed all of us, especially the young generation of school students. They are a must-read for environment enthusiats.

Princess Avantika and The Princess and the Step-sisters are fairy tales full of established morals. The tales will transport the reader to the old world charm of castles, royal intrigue, magic and mythical creatures.

Finally, Tale of a Moonlit City is a short and fast-paced novel for anyone who fancies reading a book about the rich heritage and culture of Old Delhi. It is set in pre-Independent India which reminds you of events which shook the world and shaped the modern India.

As the adage goes, Grammar has no age and that aptly sums up the motto of this book as it can be read by youngsters to any age. All in all, English Language Companion proves to be a highly recommended work and will prove to be a boon for teachers and school children alike.