This English city to celebrate 'National Samosa Week'

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This English city to celebrate
This English city to celebrate

22 Mar 2018: This English city to celebrate 'National Samosa Week'

After chicken tikka masala, Britons have now taken to the humble Indian samosa, so much so that Leicester, an English city with a sizeable population of Indian origin, is all geared up to host National Samosa Week next month.

Organized from April 9 to 13, it aims to encourage people to "buy, eat and sell samosas".

Here's all about it.

Fact: A charitable event

The event hopes to popularize South Asian food and culture in the UK. Local police and non-profit organizations are supporting it and the money from the sale of samosas at pop-up centres all through the week will be donated to two local charities.

Details: 'Eating samosas as popular in UK as having tea, cake'

Romail Gulzar, founder of Leicester Curry Awards, said, "There's a national food event for everything from burgers to beer, so why not samosas? It has grown in popularity and for many people in the South Asian community, eating one is like the equivalent of having tea and cake."

He hopes the initiative grows snowballs into a mega event in the coming years.

Evolution: From Persia to India and now Britain

It is widely believed that samosa is an Indian variant of the Persian sanbosag, which Central Asian merchants brought to the subcontinent in the 13th century.

Cutting to the present, Indian meals are hugely popular in Britain, especially as part of weekend revelries. They call it "Going for an Indian", and what better way there is to do it than eat all things samosa.