ENG vs NZ: Jofra Archer’s old tweets on World Cup finale have people convinced he is a soothsayer

England’s Jofra Archer has set the Internet on fire with his eerie tweets!

The ICC World Cup 2019 came to a spectacular end with England lifting the trophy for the first time in a finale that even a Super Over couldn’t decide. England won as they had more boundaries than New Zealand – 26 to 17.

While no one could foresee the results and the World Cup finale going into a Super Over and the Black Caps suffering a heartbreaking defeat, it seems England bowler Jofra Archer knew about it all along.

His old tweets from years ago have resurfaced on social media and they seem to tell the story of how England won the World Cup with a dramatic win over New Zealand at Lord’s. Not only did he predict about the Super Over, he also tweeted about opponents needing 16 from 6 — which is exactly what happened on Sunday in the nail-biting finale.

His old eerie tweets left feel baffled online with many saying, there’s a "Jofra Archer tweet for everything about to happen in the world".

People are now putting forward their list of things they want Archer to predict so it can come true later. Sample these: