Endangered fish species find a new home in aquarium in Manipur

Imphal, Oct.20 (ANI): An aquatic exhibition, showing rare varieties of aquatic species, a wide range of ornamental fish and underwater plants, is attracting large crowds in Manipur's capital Imphal.

Purchasing indigenous fish species including Nganap (local name) at the market place has become almost impossible, as identification is difficult.

At least 36 endangered indigenous fishes of Manipur are being put up for display and research at the Manipur Science Aquarium.

There are a total of 545 fish from 24 species.

The aquarium, which was established on March 13, 2011, is planning to rear the endangered indigenous fish species to preserve them with the only impediment being scarcity of funds.

"This aquarium was established on March 31, 2011. Actually, it was a joint programme by Manipur Science and Technology Council and higher education. But now of course, the centre is being run by ...(sic). Here, we can see, there are two types of fish, one is ornamental or exotic species and the other one is endangered species. So far, we have identified about 24 varieties of ornamental fish of Manipur," said Laishram Nilakumar, Fishery Officer.

Nganap species is considered to be an essential part of the marriage ceremony of the Meitei community.

The aquarium is keen to preserve the tradition and is taking special care of 25 Nganap fish. Indigenous fish species could be groomed in the same manner as ornamental fish, as they are equally attractive like the imported ones.

The aquarium has subject experts who brief the visitors on diverse aspects and the rearing of fish. (ANI)