Is This the End of the Road for the Probe Against Arunabh Kumar?

No FIR against Arunabh Kumar, a fortnight since allegations of sexual harassment emerged against him.

More than a fortnight since allegations of sexual harassment emerged against TVF founder and CEO Arunabh Kumar, the Mumbai Police has not registered an FIR in the matter. This, despite lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee writing a complaint to the police urging for an FIR to be lodged and a probe to commence. The Mumbai Police, in its defence, has said that no FIR has been filed since none of the complainants have come forward and approached the police.

Why No FIR?

Speaking to The Quint, Senior Inspector Sailesh Pasalvar of Mumbai’s MIDC Police Station confirmed that no FIR has been filed against Arunabh Kumar.

Social media posts are not enough for us to lodge a First Information Report. However, if any complainant wishes to come forward and file one with the police, they are free to do so.

Lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee, who had written a letter of complaint to the Mumbai Police urging them to file an FIR against Arunabh Kumar on charges of sexual harassment, says he is disappointed with the Mumbai Police’s response.

By refusing to file an FIR, the senior inspector has clearly communicated that he does not understand the concept of a third-party complaint. And neither is he willing to understand that, despite being given Supreme Court judgments to support my claims. 

Alleged Victim Responds: Will Approach Cops

The Quint had, on the 13th of March, published accounts of multiple women who alleged they were sexually harassed by TVF chief Arunabh Kumar.

One of those alleged victims has now reacted to the Mumbai Police’s statement that no FIR has been filed since no complainant has approached the cops.

Speaking to The Quint, she said that she is going to approach the police within the next couple of days and file an official complaint stating she was sexually harassed by Arunabh Kumar.

So is it the end of the road for the allegations against the TVF founder? Not just yet.