Employee Lets 10-Year-Old Boy Finish His Homework on Electronic Shop's Tablet

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A video of a little boy doing his homework on a gadget inside an electronics shop has been winning the internet.

The schoolboy, identified as Guilherme Santiago, was seen operating a tablet in a store in Recife, Brazil to complete his homework. Netizens lauded the boy's spirits and also praised the shop-owner to allow the boy to use the store's property as well as lending him wifi to finish his homework.

Watch the heart melting video below:

The clip went viral after it was shared on Twitter with a lovely message—“Humanity at its best”. The 15 seconds clip has been viewed by 10 million people on the micro blogging platform. Several comments have also surfaced.

Cheering the store employees, one user wrote, “I’m glad someone cared enough to help. Nowadays, this is the exception and not the rule. Kudos to those who did.” Another user commented on the kid’s determination, writing, “That’s struggle and perseverance. He’s going to grow up and be great”

However, one user criticised the over-dependence on internet to finish school work. “That's nice of them, but there should be a way for kids to complete assignments offline. I remember when things had to be printed and typed back when I didn't have a computer at home. Work like that should be done at school where the resources exist. Homework should be lowtech”

As per reports, the 10-year-old is a class 5 student at the Abílio Gomes Municipal School.