Embiome Co, Ltd, Spin-off from Hyundai Motors, Wheels Into Sanitiser Game In Singapore

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Biotechnology automotive solution strategist Embiome is proud to announce its foray into the Southeast Asian market with a new line of sanitisers.

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Founded in 2019 and led by its founding member Yoon Ki-young, Embiome was conceived as an in-house venture program back in 2014. Now as a spin-off invested by multinational automotive manufacturer Hyundai Motors, this biotech start-up specialises in producing and selling automotive products based on eco-friendly bio-technology processes. This year, the South Korean company is setting its sight on Singapore, with a focus on providing automotive solutions within the region.

From public transport to ride-hailing services, Singapore is a city that sees high levels of car commuting daily. In the COVID-19 era, public transport and automobiles have effectively been commonly known as a “hot-spot” for viruses to congregate.

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A trailblazer in the realm of biotechnology, Embiome melds eco-friendly microbiome with automotive air conditioning technology to create “Eco-coating”, an advance air care technology for air conditioning systems in everyday vehicles. With “Eco-coating”, the odorless microorganisms are coated onto the evaporators of air conditioners. This vastly enhances the air purifying function within automobiles and thus providing improved air quality in vehicles affixed with “Eco-coating”, which has also proven to be safe and long-lasting - which keeps passengers safe throughout the ride.

Health Guard Sanitizer: Beyond Clean Hands

During such unprecedented times, the South Korean label has ramped up its innovation and has produced its own series of eco-friendly santisers, H-Biotics, to serve consumers in and about Southeast Asia.

Eliminating over 99.9% of common germs within seconds, H-Biotics Health Guard Sanitizer 150ml is alcohol-free, pet-friendly, non-sticky, and leaves no residue nor odour behind when applied. The product is US FDA registered and is made using hypochlorous acid — an effective disinfectant that is non-toxic to surface contact and non-corrosive.

With its extensive bactericidal and virucidal effects, the H-Biotics Health Guard Sanitizer pivots itself to be an ideal disinfectant for those looking to disinfect, sterilise and deodorise a variety of surfaces, including pet products, the interiors of a vehicle as well as household appliances. When combined with basic social distancing and hygiene practices, such as washing hands with soap and water or wearing masks outdoors, H-Biotics Health Guard Sanitizer can help stem out viral and bacterial transmissions.

In addition to sanitisers, Embiome also proffers a series of 3-layered face masks, the H-Biotics Health Guard Mask, that are comfortable to wear and are well-adjustable. All of the H-Biotics products can be purchased on e-commerce giant, LAZADA.

Singapore Partnership with Hyundai’s First Car Show Room, Ulsan Motor Trend in Western Singapore

As part of its route map to establishing a headquarters (Embiome Asia Pacific Pte Ltd) in Singapore, a strategic partnership has been worked out between Embiome and leading Hyundai car retailer, Ulsan Motor Trend, at Tradehub 21 – the birth of Hyundai very 1st showroom in Singapore – Fandi Ahmad, a distinguished Singapore footballer is also Ulsan Motor Trend’s brand ambassador.

Aligning to Embiome focus on automotive space, the South Korean label has a sponsorship collaboration with South East Asia’s leading ride-hailing company to protect all their drivers’ vehicles with essential sanitisation accordingly. Embiome will continue to reach out to fleets and automotive partnership in Singapore and Southeast Asia