Embassy coordinating with officials over Talbighi members from Indonesia

Moradabad (UP), May 10 (PTI) The Indonesian embassy is coordinating with the officials for the release of their nationals who are currently under judicial custody in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Embassy first secretary Annie Yuliyanti said the government had verified that those detained were Indonesian nationals of good standing who had never violated the laws of Indonesia and had not come to India to violate it's laws and regulations.

In accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and India's laws and regulations, the embassy is ensuring consular access for Indonesian nationals, including legal representation, Yuliyanti said.

However, she added, the appointment of legal counsel was solely the discretion and decision of the Indonesian nationals concerned.

The embassy is facilitating and communicating with relevant authorities to ensure due process and respect for the fundamental rights of the Indonesian nationals, Yuliyanti said.

The embassy is coordinating with relevant authorities to ensure that the Indonesian nationals are able to fast during Ramzan with proper arrangements, including meals during 'sehri' and 'iftar', she added.

District Magistrate Rakesh Singh said all Indonesian nationals who violated the visa rules were sent to judicial custody and were kept in a separate jail last week.

Moradabad Senior Superintendent of Police Amit Pathak said detained Indonesians were being treated well. 'We are fully aware about their rights and providing all facilities to conduct their fasting with proper manners during Ramzan,' he added. PTI CORR HMB