Eman Ahmed to leave India! Dr Muffazal Lakdawala finally speaks about treating former World’s Heaviest Woman & her family’s allegation

Aishwarya Krishnan
Dr Lakdawala revealed that the first time the hospital weighed Eman she was 378 kgs and she currently weighs 176 kgs.

The story of the World’s heaviest woman and her transformation in India has been one of the most eyed topics on social media. Eman Ahmed, the 500 kg woman, now weighs 176 kgs and is being transferred to Burjeel Hospital in the UAE. This move comes after Eman’s sister alleged that her doctors are lying about Eman’s transformation and blamed them for trying to stop the Egypt-based woman’s brain activity. A video by Shaimaa, Eman’s sister, talking about the troubles they had at Mumbai’s Saifee hospital went viral. Dr Lakdawala, who overlooked the entire ordeal finally opened up about the allegations and the entire row in an interview with a leading daily. He termed Eman’s transformation as a medical marvel and spoke about the various challenges. Eman Ahmed 242 kg weight loss a lie? Former World’s Heaviest Woman’s sister claims her doctors in India are liars!

Eman Ahmed was moved from Egypt to India on 11th February 2017 and underwent the weight loss surgery on 8th March 2017. While pictures and videos of Eman’s transformation impressed people and made them proud, EMan’s sister Shaimaa uploaded a video on social media revealing that the transformation was not as smooth as the doctors made it seem. She blamed that the doctors had given Eman high-level medications that have been causing seizures and other issues. Eman’s doctor, Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker resigned after these allegations and wrote an emotional post on Facebook about the entire episode, which garnered her sympathy from the netizens.

Eman, who was transported to India in cargo from Egypt will be sent to her new hospital in UAE in a business class seat on a normal flight. This change in itself speaks for the transformation that the once heaviest woman has had. Dr Lakdawala spoke to Mid-Day about the entire episode and gave clarification for all the accusations and spoke about his own feeling of betrayal at the sudden claims that question the hard work of the entire team at Saifee Hospital. Eman Ahmed’s doctor Aparna Govil Bhasker posts an emotional Facebook resignation, gathers massive social empathy!

“I have treated Eman like my own baby. When she had a bad phase of health in the initial days of her arrival, I slept in her room the whole night, while her sister slept in the adjoining room. People get defamed for doing wrong, but I gave her the best treatment available,” Dr Lakdawala told the leading daily and questioned the fairness of receiving negative criticism despite doing the right thing.  Eman Ahmed ‘former world’s heaviest woman’ recovering well: Hospital shares videos of slimmer and happier Egyptian patient.

One of the main accusations made by Shaimaa is that Eman did not lose 300 kgs in the last two months. While discussing this Dr Lakdawala revealed that the first time the hospital weighed Eman she was 378 kgs and she currently weighs 176 kgs. He also said that it was Shaimaa who claimed that Eman was 500kgs and they could not verify this as they did not have a weighing machine for the said scale. He also questioned the sister’s intention and accused her of circulating troubling pictures of Eman in pain during the seizures. Eman, world’s heaviest woman on the path to recover! Touches her face and blows kisses to the doctors at Mumbai Hospital.

On 28th April, Eman’s sister Shaimaa went against the doctor’s advice and gave her water to drink directly. Eman is being fed through a nose tube, and the doctors had clearly instructed Shaimaa that the tube needs to be used at all times to avoid chances of water filling Eman’s lungs. This rebellious act forced the doctors to call the local police as Shaimaa allegedly pushed the on-duty nurses who tried to stop them. The inclusion of a feeding tube was made when the doctors realised that Eman choked on eating orally and Shaimaa’s act could have put her sister’s life in danger.

While the exact date of Eman’s transfer is not yet revealed, Dr Ladkawala said that he submitted Eman’s reports to the Egyptian consulate on 28th April and are hoping that she recovers well. The most crucial part of Eman’s weight loss transformation has been the bariatric surgery that was done by the doctors at Saifee hospital and the hospital in UAE will be taking care of the procedures ahead.