Elon Musk's Neighbour Reveals What it is Like to Live Next Door to SpaceX CEO

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Tech pioneer Elon Musk has carved out a name for himself and is now a billionaire owing to the success of his companies Tesla and SpaceX. But what is it like to be a neighbour of the billionaire innovator? Not so good, apparently.

People living in the calm location of Boca Chica, a remote beach community in the southernmost part of Texas, had a life filled with tranquillity. Most of them were retirees and loved spending their time in peace. But all that changed when Musk decided to start his SpaceX company in the area. Now, loud thuds and sounds of trucks are all common there.

SpaceX was growing at a rapid pace and Boca Chica residents soon got to know that that meant trouble for them. At the end of last year, the private space company offered to buy their homes.

"Expansion of spaceflight activities will make it increasingly more challenging to minimize disruption," SpaceX said in a letter to the residents.

Boca Chica isn’t the ideal place to construct a base for a space exploration company, says Esquire. The nearest grocery store is a 30-minute drive away, the cell service is poor and there is very little fresh water. But it was quiet, which it isn’t anymore.

Rachel Monroe, the writer of the Esquire article, goes on to post about the experience of being Musk’s neighbour in a Twitter thread.

"This is a thread about what it’s like to be Elon Musk’s neighbour," she said.

"This quiet community by a wildlife preserve now had 24/7 construction, big trucks at all hours, bright lights at night, awful disruption," she added.

After describing the town and its life before Musk came in the picture, she talks about the changes thereafter.

"So: Elon is essentially taking over public resources (beaches, wildlife preserves) & other people’s property just bc he wants it, and Texas is not only permitting but encouraging him. (This state pretends to love private property, but it loves corporations more)," she elaborated.