Elon Musk Spotted Wearing a 'Nuke Mars' T-shirt in First Look of Controversial SNL Gig

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has designed two T-shirts to promote his idea to drop nuclear weapons on Mars. Musk revealed the theory of nuking Mars recently which, according to him, will transform the exterior of the planet liveable for human beings. The billionaire CEO was also spotted wearing the T-shirt in the first look of his upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live. SNL shared an image of Musk in the t-shirt on Twitter.

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Musk himself posted the image of the T-shirts on Twitter with the caption reading, “NUKE MARS,” and had a link that redirected the users to the SpaceX shop, where they are being retailed.

The T-shirts express Musk endorsing the theory he first announced in 2015. He wants to ignite nuclear bombs at Mars’ poles with the ambition of terraforming the planet, making the Red Planet liveable for humans. The fast method is to release thermonuclear weapons over the poles according to Musk that could make Mars habitable for settlers by heating it with greenhouse gases.

The aim would be to evaporate the water currently confined in ice at Mars’ poles, discharging CO2 into the environment and therefore, engineering a greenhouse effect on the planet. Rigel Woida, an undergraduate student from the University of Arizona, bagged NASA prize to examine the usage of lightweight orbital mirrors and large aperture for terraforming the surface of Mars so human beings could comfortably settle on the Red Planet.

Musk also recently trolled tech companies engaged in developing electric vehicles stating that demonstrating concept cars is easy but making them production-ready is hard. This tweet by Musk was retweeted 9,000 times by netizens.

Musk believes that the process will be crucial to his dream to colonize Mars. In the year 2018, two researchers from Northern Arizona and Colorado universities examined the feasibility of utilising CO2 to terraform Mars and concluded that it wouldn’t be achievable with the technology of the current times.

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