Elon Musk Says He 'Supports' Covid-19 Vaccine because Science is Unequivocal

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Elon Musk seems to have come far from his initial view of the coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent vaccine from last year. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX clarified his latest stand on vaccines on Thursday via Twitter where he wrote that he does support vaccines in general and the covid vaccines, specifically. He further wrote that science is unequivocal. For very rare cases, said Elon, there is an allergic reaction, but it can be easily addressed with an EpiPen.

The tweet comes in contrast to his earlier statement from 2020, wherein an interview to The New York Times podcast, Elon had said that he will not get the vaccine and neither will his kids. Shortly after this interview, about two months later, Elon had tested himself positive for the coronavirus.

Commenting on Elon's latest tweet, one user asked him that when he said he was not getting the vaccine since he had Covid, was it because he did not want it, or because he thought that someone else would benefit more since he has some immunity to it already?

Replying to this, the 49-year-old billionaire wrote that it was because of the statement that he did not want to take the vaccine.

However, last year,Elon had dismissed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and had even opposed the lockdown in the US since that meant a halt in production of his commercial ventures. In a tweet from last year, Elon had written that the panic around the coronavirus is "dumb."

The business tycoon had also tweeted a series of anti-lockdown tweets echoing what the former US President Donald Trump beliefs ofsaving the economy. A tweet from April 2020 read Elon frantically asking for America to be "free".

Considering how engineers and tech enthusiasts look up to Elon's statements, many users are welcoming his recent stance on vaccines. As one user commented that this statement was long overdue.

While another user wrote that it is good that Elon clarified, since his voice is much "needed".

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