Elon Musk’s exchange with Mars on Twitter was funny, and then it got weird

The conversation between Elon Musk and his long-time crush Mars have left Twitterati in splits.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s love for Mars is pretty well known. However, an exchange between him and a Twitter handle claiming to represent Mars (handle @4thFromOurStar) has now gone viral.

It all started when a lady posted on the microblogging site that she was fed up with men and expressed her will to live on Mars, as no men are there.

Naturally, the Mars Twitter account responded, telling her that it was only interested in Elon Musk.

Musk, known for his penchant for hilarious conversations online did not miss the opportunity and reciprocated with some love for the Red Planet.

The Mars account replied and asked when he would be visiting. But what followed next could be deemed to be NSFW. Answering the question, the tech expert demanded "hot pics" from his planetary crush and things escalated pretty quickly from there.

Musk tweeted back that he was glad "it’s not November," referencing the infamous internet challenge called the ‘No Nut November’.

And while some were contemplating whether or not he made the reference to the questionable challenge which refers to abstaining from sex or masturbation in the month of November, his next tweet put an end to all doubts.

Although he deleted the tweet later, screenshots of the tweet and the conversation are now going viral on Reddit, sparking many memes and jokes on Twitter.

Musk has cited his plans to colonise Mars in the past, and recently in response to a tweet said that the cost of ferrying someone to the red planet would depend on the volume of travellers.

The space entrepreneur said he was confident that a round-trip to Mars will one day cost less than $500,000, or even lesser than $100,000.