Elon Musk Birthday Wishes Trend Online; Netizens Wish SpaceX and Tesla CEO With Funny Memes and Jokes on His 49th Birthday

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Today marks the 49th birthday of technology entrepreneur and philanthropist Elon Musk. A person who has inspired many to dream about technological advancements of the future and at the same time gave people funniest memes thanks to his tweets every few days. On his 49th birthday, several people have taken to Twitter to extend wishes for him and some of them have just shared memes and jokes on him. As he serves an inspiration to many, some people made beautiful art of Musk and wished him for his birthday. Elon Musk 49th Birthday: 9 Interesting Facts About SpaceX & Tesla CEO Who Transformed the Auto and Space Sector.

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Born on June 28, 1971 in Africa, Musk was inclined towards technology right from his childhood. By the age of 12, he had already begun learning computer programming. From starting a web software company to now owning an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company, Musk has transformed the technological space. Not to forget Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturing company. His journey has been an inspiration to many but Musk has his quirks, which are often seen through his tweets. On his birthday, while some people extended warm wishes, others resorted to some good old memes and jokes. Elon Musk Announces Brief Break From Twitter; Netizens Say They Will ‘Take Over From Here’ in Hilarious Reactions.

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on Elon Musk's Birthday:

Also Read | Elon Musk 49th Birthday: 9 Interesting Facts About SpaceX & Tesla CEO Who Transformed the Auto and Space Sector

Man With Revolutionary Ideas

An Inspiration to Many

What If...

Visionary Genius

So Sad!

Sharing His Little Jig

And His Words

And if Elon Replies

A lot of people have shared his photos and GIFs with blessings for him and thanking him for dreaming so big. Musk definitely serves an inspiration for those who are keenly interested in the field of engineering and aerospace. We too wish Elon Musk a very Happy Birthday!