Ellen DeGeneres Scares the Living Daylights Out of Matt Lauer

The epic prank war between Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer is far from over, though apparently Lauer thought it was. This made the Today show anchor an easy target when he stopped by Ellen on Thursday. DeGeneres lulled Lauer into a boring conversation about music and then … scared the crap out of him.

A billboard prank Matt Lauer played on Ellen DeGeneres, shown on Today. (Photo: NBC)

Lauer and DeGeneres have a long history of pranking each other. Lauer once filled DeGeneres’s SUV with pingpong balls, and another time he bought a few billboards advertising DeGeneres as a plumber, complete with plumber’s crack. DeGeneres has pranked Lauer many times, usually superimposing his head onto another man’s body in various forms of undress and usually doing something odd.

So as Lauer was telling a super-interesting story about the music he and Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie listen to in the morning, a man dressed as a woman popped out of table next to him. Lauer jumped up and walked away as DeGeneres laughed.

“It’s so petty. It’s so childish. You promised,” Lauer said.

DeGeneres denied promising anything.

Lauer added, “Now I wet my suit.”

Watch Ellen Laugh While Dangling Women Scream:

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