Eligible Family Members Vaccinated, Can Apply for Extra Rebate in Property Tax: North Delhi Mayor

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The owner of a residential house and his or her eligible family members who have received anti-coronavirus vaccine can apply to avail additional rebate in payment of property tax, North Delhi Mayor Jai Prakash said on Saturday. The mayor said a circular was issued on Friday in anticipation of approval of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

“According to the circular, owners or taxpayers of residential properties only, will have special incentive of getting a further rebate of 5 per cent in payment of property tax, over and above the 15 per cent rebate enjoyed on timely payment of the annual tax if they are eligible for vaccination and vaccinated, and so are their eligible family members,” he said. Such owners will have to furnish copies of vaccination certificates of all members to avail the scheme, which is applicable with immediate effect, the circular said.

It is available only till June 30, the mayor said.

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