With election round the corner, Pak PM urges people in PoK to vote for 'honest leader'

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Islamabad [Pakistan], July 18 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday attacked the opposition parties and urged voters in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to vote for the leader who is honest and trustworthy in the upcoming Legislative Assembly polls on July 25.

Addressing the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) rally in PoK's Bhimbar, Imran Khan said, "Ask yourselves while casting the vote: are these leaders honest and trustworthy," Geo News reported.

Imran Khan said that a nation rises to greatness "when it stays true to the path of honesty and justice, whose morals are based on the truth, which differentiates between right and wrong".

He said such nations, which do not make the distinction between right and wrong, "first die a moral death and then an economic one".

"So we must become a great nation. We are on our way. We have waged a war against oppression. We are fighting a war for the rule of law. The old system that the mafia is clinging on to (will be abolished), Geo News quoted Imran Khan as saying."

"But if your leader is honest and if the candidate is a cheat, he will fear doing anything (dishonest). If the leader is not chasing money, he won't let others chase it either," the premier said.

Khan said that if one does research on the poorest countries of the world, they will find that their state is such because there are "Nawaz Sharifs" and "Asif Ali Zardaris" there too.

Earlier, on Saturday, Khan addressed the first election-related public meeting at PoK's Bagh area in which he targeted Indian leadership rather than addressing the concerns of the citizens who are struggling with high inflation.

Meanwhile, the country is burdened with mounting loans and a poor economic record.

Khan during his speech lauded Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) economic models and "humanity first" approach adopted by China. (ANI)

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