This Election, Your Bike Ride Can Contribute to India’s Future

As a nation, we have taken innumerable bike rides. From commuting to work to going on dates, the bike has been our constant companion. It makes our everyday life better and convenient. However, it’s the back seat of the bike or pillion that plays a bigger role. Be it dropping off a friend or offering a lift to a colleague, the bike’s back seat brings out the good Samaritan in us. It helps us be a responsible friend, family member or employee. This election, it’s time to go a step further. It’s time to become a responsible citizen, and your bike has something to do with this. Wondering how? Well, Castrol Activ urges you to #RideForVote and also take a pillion rider along. Before we tell you more, watch this powerful video that shows how you can ensure #NonStopDemocracy.

Join the #RideForVote #NonStopDemocracy movement. Pledge here to help someone else cast their vote!

The idea behind this brilliant initiative is to encourage as many people as you can to go out and vote. At the heart of every vibrant democracy is the right to vote that all citizens must exercise, come what may. And if you can help them do that in any which way, you should totally go ahead and do it, just like Varun and his friends in this video.

Voting is the most potent way of making your voice count in a democracy, and every single vote matters. Castrol knows this and by way of this initiative, they want every single bike owner to be an agent of change, this election.

"They want you to #RideForVote and dedicate the back seat of your bike to fellow citizens so as to enable them to cast their vote as well."

Your support will go a long way in ensuring that a lot of others around you get a chance to exercise their right to vote.

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